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We are going through a 3 month series on the book of James. We have provided helpful resources for your own personal study. 


James Book Study

Sermon Study Guides 

  • "Trial and Temptations" James 1:12-18 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "Hearing and Doing" James 1:19-27 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "Partiality" James 2:1-13 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "Dead Faith vs. Living Faith" James 2:14-26 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "Heart Issues" James 3:1-12 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "Counterfeit Wisdom vs. True Wisdom" James 3:13-18 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "Disordered Loves" James 4:1-12 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "Limitations" James 4:13-17 (Doc/ PDF)
  • "True Wealth" James 5:1-6 (Doc / PDF)