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Growth Groups

"A place where friends help friends follow Jesus."


What are “Growth Groups”?

Around here we like to call them "a place where friends help friends follow Jesus." Growth Groups are small groups of gospel-centered communities (10-20 people) for discipleship and spiritual growth led by a trained volunteer. 

Discipleship happens in a community, not just on Sundays. Growth Groups are a practical and convenient way for anyone to love and encourage one another in their relationship with Jesus. One of the primary ways that God grows his people into the image of his Son is through gospel-centered community. 

Most of our groups run for three 8-10 week semesters.

Fall Semester October - December (1st wk)
Winter Semester January (3rd wk) - March (2nd wk)
Spring Semester April (2nd wk) - June (1st wk)

What kind of commitment do Growth Groups require?

You are not required to commit to one group for an entire year, just one semester. At the end of each semester, group members will have the opportunity to 1) stay in your group, 2) take a semester break, or 3) join a different group. 

If you have questions about Growth Groups please email Mike McKinney.